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Here's some Q&A that may help answer any of your questions prior to booking a photo session!

"How do I book a photo session?" - E-mail me at or send a text to 214-543-8818 Please make sure to include your name and email address along with details of what your ideal shoot would be like!

"What is the best time to schedule a photo session?" -  I really enjoy capturing your best side with natural light rising from the horizon or drifting behind it. Ultimately living in Texas I'm sure we can all agree it depends on the season and day.

"How do you accept payment?" - Cash, Card, invoice via e-mail

 "Do you offer prints?" - Not at the moment

"Do you travel?" - Yes! Let's meet someplace in the DFW area

"What happens if it rains the day of our shoot?" - In the event of rainfall worse case we will reschedule. I do my best to track the weather the day of the session as well as the day prior. 

"What should I wear, does my family have to match?" - The most important thing to remember is how comfortable you feel. The more comfortable you feel in your outfit the more comfortable you will feel in front of the camera.

"Do you have a studio for any indoor sessions?" - Yes, we are off Royal Ln near the tollway.

"Do you offer props?" - I usually do not offer props. If I have something I think would be great for the shoot I will bring it but I do not provide props.

"I am not use to this, can you help me pose?" - I absolutely can help! I have an assistant with me that helps with posing and making sure your hair and clothes look great in the photo.

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