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Hi! My name is Grace Williams

 “Photography has always been a big part of my life, and it is a passion of mine that has grown significantly in the last few years. I believe photography is about capturing the moments we love, the people we admire the most, the things we find the most interesting, perspectives we often overlook, and everything beautiful; within a single frame.

One day a photo will help you appreciate what is already around you.

In the past, a photo allowed you to reminisce on the experience of a moment previously forgotten.

Sometimes we can feel, smell, see, hear and relive all that surrounded us in those moments, by simply looking at a photo.

Photography also provides an opportunity to educate others on a new perspective to the world or educate them about a world they know nothing about.

Photos tell a story, make a statement, and show vulnerability. Photos also carry emotion and display the heaviness of memories.

When words are not enough, a photo says it all.

Being able to find stillness through my lens, makes even the busiest parts of life wonderful. I like to intrigue the eye with a unique and artistic perspective, reminding people to stop and look at the flowers or up at the clouds. My goal is to show you there's beauty in all the things that surround you; if you take the time to see them. If I can change one person’s life through my photography, I consider that success.”

G​race has an amazing eye and is able to really capture the beauty in the details of the moment 

and keep the life in the photo!

- Amanda Strehl


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